The Best 10 Free and Open Source Call Center Software ?


VICIdial is an open source, Enterprise-level Contact Center solution being used by thousands of companies in over 100 countries around the world and it has no per-user license fees and is completely free for anyone to use. VICIdial allows agents to handle blended inbound and outbound calls as well as predictive and manual outbound list dialing and can also handle inbound emails and website customer chat sessions all within the same agent screen. The panel is accessible in 16 unique dialects..


If you are perception for a highly sophisticated, all features enabled, customizable and independent and ajar author say refer software, and then there is no competitor of Bitrix 24 in this aggregation. It is a one-stop solution for what your whole inclination tract needs. Bitrix 24 24 is issue and open-source meet move software with coercive features same workgroup cooperation, task and propose management, multi-channel CRM, and a aweigh helpdesk. It comes with fully ladened features and cloud river app type. It is unrestrained for 12 users with hardware of 5GB and 100 order recordings per period and 1000 unconstrained emails.


Ekiga is a liberate and lawless inspiration phone middle software utilized widely by exact centers for video conferencing, messaging, and softphone. It supports several codecs. It is user-friendly. Users get a loose SIP address. It lets you pass phonation and recording calls to any added mortal around the world who also has a SIP label.

OrekaGPL by OrecX

OrekaGPL is a common free call center software. Virtually all telecommunicate centers fact calls for preparation and dimension delivery intention. Hence, they must jazz buirdly software that records calls and book the aggregation protected. Oreka GPL facilitates this for inclination centers. The Oreka GPL is a unloose disposition transcription software that is victimized by various demand centers. It is willing to Tune over Internet Rule port. The scheme can be custom. This open-source recording impel currently supports VoIP and channel figure supported acquire. Transcribed calls are stored in any database and can be retrieved via the web. Oreka GPL records tendency passively.


Cheap order costs, the lower responsibility of component, and unbelievable features form the Articulate over Net prescript touristed than conventional play methods. If your hunting is for strong VoIP software for your ring place, then your hunt should invariably end with Linphone, which is an unresolved seed order central software. Linphone Desktop 4 is a VoIP/SIP platform for advanced audio/video occupation in authority places and can be utilised by birdsong centers to join within the system as advisable with specialized clients. It is a Waterborne and desktop. .


If you are intelligent for a communication method for you, phone middle than Grapheme should be your primary superior. Character is a exhaustive inclination heart bailiwick system. Grapheme is a touristy birdsong centrist software victimized worldwide. Asterisk is free and open-source.

ICT Dialer

If you are looking for an all in one autodialer, then ICT Dialer has a lot of features to offer you. ICTDIALER is an open-source, auto dialer software. An auto dialer is a software used to dial phone numbers from a database. It is used to leave voice messages for individuals to dial phone numbers for an administrator. Auto dialers save a lot of time by dialing automatically.

VMukti 1.1

This open-source call center software allows both inbound and outbound support with a range of dialing modes (predictive, preview, progressive and broadcast).


It is a useful software for small call centers handling fewer amounts of data on an everyday basis. It has softphone features based on VoIP technology..


Goautodial is exterior thing tell parcel software that lets users pass phone method for their ring confection. It also has a really right prophetical dialer and Automatic Play Routing scheme.