What is IVR Blasting?

IVR blasting refers to a combination of IVR service and call blast. It is a very strong communication tool that allows pre-recorded voice messages to be automatically broadcasted to various groups. For example, when customers receive calls from their mobile operators to promote various ongoing schemes and offers, they interact with a computerised voice which is an IVR recording. Moreover, the calls are concomitantly blasted to the consumers.

This technology allows you to capture and store the response from targeted customers. It is specially designed for new businesses to help them excel and spread communication efficaciously.

This technology is perfect for increasing efficiency and maximising reach. Besides existing businesses and startups, IVR blast, which is also known as voice broadcasting is also utilised by community groups, corporations, and government organisations. This article discusses the numerous advantages and features of Voice broadcasting and expounds how it can benefit a business in the long run.