iqualif CPE

IQUALIF extracts mass or targeted data, including addresses, e-mail addresses and phone numbers: an effective way to expand business opportunities on a B2B and B2C basis. IQUALIF is the best contact extractor since it is based on several directories and sites. IQUALIF stands out from other extractors with data that is not rich since it is only based on one website or directory. Bearing in mind that 40% of contacts are recorded in secondary directories and are not found in the yellow or white pages, this provides a significantly larger contact base and allows you to go further with marketing campaigns. Today, 90% of call centre technicians ask their managers for IQUALIF.

IQUALIF (White and Yellow) extract individual data and company contacts from the yellow and white pages of various countries. This software is an essential tool to promote your company and expand in your prospect market, allowing you to create your customer, lead and qualification files. The software can extract up to 40% more contacts and collects complete contact information.